Try to do a forced reboot by pressing and holding the Power key for 10 to 15 seconds. For this reason, you want to ensure that Whatsapp app is running the latest version at this time. Confirm the operation by typing in “yes” and select “wipe data/factory reset.”, When you see the Google Verification info confirm the operation by selecting “wipe data/factory reset.”. If you ended up getting a Huawei P30 or P30 Pro tempted by their impressive camera setup, you must now be experiencing the good and bad of EMUI as well. Stellen Sie sicher, dass die Benachrichtigungsfunktion sowohl in den System- als auch in den WhatsApp-Einstellungen aktiviert sind, indem Sie folgende Schritte ausführen: Um die WhatsApp-Benachrichtigungen in der Systemeinstellung zu aktivieren, öffnen Sie, So aktivieren Sie die Benachrichtigungsfunktion in WhatsApp: Öffnen Sie. Bonjour, J'ai depuis peu un P30 Pro et aujourd'hui je souhaite me connecter sur Windows à HiSuite. TheDroidGuy has social network presence as well so you may want to interact with our community in our, How to fix Galaxy A90 MMS not working | MMS won’t send or receive, The Galaxy Note 10 May Only Reach Shelves by Aug 23. WhatsApp is generally stable but if the one in your Huawei P30 keeps crashing for no apparent reason, you should consider troubleshooting it. Check All Wearables. Here, we have shared direct download link of WhatsApp APK for Huawei/Honor Android phones. . You can see safe mode at the bottom left corner once the device finishes booting. Mit dem Mate 30 Pro hat EMUI 10 Einzug in die HUAWEI Welt gehalten, bis dato sind schon das Mate 20, das Mate 20 Pro, das Mate 20 lite, das Huawei P Smart 2019, das P30 und das P30 Pro in den Genuss von EMUI 10 auf der Basis von Android Q gekommen. Um Aktivierung bei Benachrichtigung zu aktivieren, gehen Sie zu Ein​stellungen > Benachrichtigungen > Weitere Benachrichtigungseinstellungen und betätigen Sie den Schalter für Aktivierung bei Benachrichtigung. In case you do not feel the vibration and the screen is still blank, then simply press and hold the Power Key for more time until you see the device restart itself. Steps to Disable Popup notifications on Huawei Mate 30 Pro. Huawei'nin yeni telefonları Huawei Mate 30 ve Mate 30 Pro tanıtıldı. It's mostly unaffected by the trade ban, and is still an excellent device in its own right. Be sure to watch out for such announcements from Facebook and to follow whatever is suggested. The device will be completely sanitized and all user data deleted after doing any of them. Bei WhatsApp kann man seinen Chatverlauf – inklusive Medien – bequem automatisiert über Google Drive sichern. xda-developers Huawei P30 Pro Huawei P30 Pro Questions & Answers Not receiving notifications by moer99 XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. We still recommend that you use the first method as your primary option for convenience reasons. If you happened to purchase either one of these gadgets owing to the impressive camera, you’re probably also having to endure the EMUI issues that come along with it. Even though Huawei is going through some turbulent times right now, there’s still a lot more to look forward to, and much more to do with your Huawei P30 or P30 Pro phone. In any case, you must do Hard reset on Huawei P30 via Recovery Mode when the situation forces you to. If the cause of your Whatsapp problem is due to malware, app, or unknown software issue, factory reset may help. Schnell und einfach. This method is useful in one particular situation: when Settings menu is not accessible. Nello specifico, alcune segnalazioni da parte di possessori di Huawei P30 e P30 Pro indicano che, una volta inviato un messaggio vocale (ad esempio su WhatsApp o Telegram), il destinatario non riesca ad ascoltare quanto gli abbiamo spedito. WhatsApp è un'applicazione di messaggistica istantanea appartenente a Facebook dal 2016, è l'applicazione di messaggistica più utilizzata al mondo ed è per questo che è molto utile averla installata sul tuo Huawei P30 Pro. If your phone works, it should reboot and you should feel a vibration and see the Huawei logo. If Whatsapp has stopped error remains at this stage, your next move is to restart your device. Software and apps updates usually offer fix patch to obliterate existing problems inflicted by random bugs and malicious software. This can force Android to reboot them as indicated by frequent crashing. Press and hold Volume Up and Power buttons for a couple of seconds. Reinstall Facebook app and see if the problem remains. 112. If your phone works, it should reboot and you should feel a vibration and see the Huawei logo. In safe mode, no third party app should be able to run. Lässt sich WhatsApp auf den neuen Huawei- und Honor-Handys ohne Google Play installieren? "Vor kurzem habe ich ein Upgrade von iPhone X auf HUAWEI P40 Pro durchgeführt. For now, the P30 Pro is a much safer bet if you're curious about Huawei's camera sorcery. Sometimes, a third party app may cause problems or interfere with the Operating System. WhatsApp is basically used to share messages, images and audio messages with others. Huawei P30 Pro Questions & Answers ••• Breadcrumb; Forums. One of the ways to do that is to regularly release updates to fix known or reported bugs. You no longer will receive any notification on Huawei Mate 30 Pro after this. Je coche bien l'option sur le tél. To see if a simple app restart will help, follow these steps: App developers and publishers like Facebook (Whatsapp is owned by Facebook) wants to keep their products as stable and bug-free as possible. If you are having a problem with WhatsApp has stopped error on your Huawei P30, learn what to do to fix it below. WhatsApp Chatverlauf – Backup, Wiederherstellung und Umzug auf das Mate 30 Pro. If you think that there’s a rogue third party app in the system, you must identify it. HUAWEI MateBook D 14. If your situation calls for a Hard reset on Huawei P30  and you are able to access your device’s settings menu, then this first method is for you. ... Huawei P30 Pro Night Mode handheld untouched Hong Kong harbour. When describing your issue, please be as detailed as possible so we can easily pinpoint a relevant solution. Try to clear the current network settings to see if this works. Come installare WhatsApp su a Huawei P30 Pro. j'ai fraîchement reçu EMUI10 sur mon P30 Pro SFR, et reçu par la même occasion mes freebuds 3, mais malgré ce que disent HUAWEI, lorsque j'ouvre le boitier pour le 1er appairage je n'ai pas la détection auto des écouteurs avec le popup , et même après l'avoir appairé manuellement, je n'ai pas le fameux popup qui affiche le niveau de batterie des différents éléments. Überprüfen Sie, ob Sie sich bei Ihrem Google-Konto im Google Play Store angemeldet haben. Machen Sie sich keine Sorgen über die Verwendung Ihres Telefons, und wir werden dieses Problem lösen, um ein besseres Nachrichten-Nutzungserlebnis zu bieten. With over a billion downloads, WhatsApp has really taken over the instant messaging app. WhatsApp has stopped fix #9: Check on Safe Mode. This is usually effective in fixing minor app bugs. In diesem Artikel erfahren Sie, wie Sie WhatsApp-Nachrichten / Chat-Verlauf vom iPhone auf Huawei P30 / P30 Pro übertragen. It is also world’s top instant messenger app for all the three platforms – Android, iOS, and Windows. and we will try to publish our answers in the next posts. For games, doing this may delete your progress. 2 comments. Method 1: Hard reset on Huawei P30 via Settings. Deleting the cache is one of the direct ways to troubleshoot a problem app. If you find this post helpful, please help us by spreading the word to your friends. You will then see a list of apps with pending updates. Lesen Sie weiter und lernen Sie eine einfache Methode zum Übertragen von WhatsApp-Nachrichten vom iPhone auf HUAWEI P40, P40 Pro oder P40 Pro + kennen. However not only will I have a new phone, but a new number as well. Souhlasím s využitím uvedené e-mailové adresy společnostmi Huawei Technologies Düsseldorf GmbH, Hansaallee 205, D-40549 Düsseldorf, Německo a IRD distribuce, s.r.o., náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad 1658/11, 130 00, Praha 3 (jednajícími jako společní správci) pro zasílání newsletteru a dále pro účely své účasti v akci. You no longer will receive any notification on Huawei P30 Pro after this. WhatsApp has stopped fix #10: Factory reset. You want to do the first one first if there’s no problem going under Settings menu. Shortly after seeing the logo, the EMUI screen shows up with the recovery mode options. Here’s what you need to do exactly: As mentioned above, Whatsapp troubles usually go away on their own but if none of our suggestions above has helped so far, it’s not a bad idea to try to see if factory reset will help. Confirm the action by tapping on Reset all settings. Huawei. WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app available on both iPhone and Android smartphones. At other times, it can be due to a problem that you are currently trying to troubleshoot. Tut uns leid, dass wir Sie nicht unterstützen konnten. Once you see the Huawei animation on the screen press and hold Volume Down button. If you don’t want to lose important stuff, be sure to back them up ahead of time. So, if wifi works normally on safe mode, you can bet a bad third party app is to blame. For example, if you’re trying to address an issue with a messaging app, clearing its data will delete all your messages. If the issue you’re having is caused by a specific coding bug, the only thing that you might do is to wait for an update. If you find this post helpful, please help us by spreading the word to your friends. But as far as the Mate 30 Pro is concerned, it's local launch seems largely symbolic. Make sure that you forced restart your phone if none of the suggestions has worked so far. Wiping your phone with factory reset will automatically erase information from your device’s internal storage. Une fois cela fait, la suite s'ouvre et d'activer l'utilisation HDB. EMUI 9.X, EMUI 10.0 und Magic UI 2.0.1: Öffnen Sie, Bei Aktivierung der Face Unlock-Funktion öffnen Sie. save. HUAWEI P40 Pro. Um Ihnen ein besseres Nutzererlebnis zu ermöglichen, empfehlen wir Ihnen immer die neueste Browserversion zu verwenden. If you don’t want to lose irreplaceable data, make sure to create a backup ahead of time. Busca un tema en tu Huawei P30 Pro. report. Photos lassen sich auch anstandlos anhängen und versenden. HUAWEI MediaPad M5 8.4" HUAWEI MediaPad M5 10.8" Check All Tablets. Press the Volume Down button to scroll to and highlight Wipe cache partition option. HUAWEI MateBook X Pro (New) Check All Laptops. Wir zeigen euch Schritt für Schritt, wie die Installation gelingt. Just tap on Update to install individual app updates or tap Update All to update apps simultaneously. Use the Volume buttons to scroll to and highlight the next options and Power button to confirm selection. If WhatsApp is not one of the apps that came with the Operating System, then you can delete and reinstall it as a troubleshooting step in this case. Ist dies nicht der Fall, nehmen Sie dies bitte vor. We offer solutions for Android-related problems for free so if you have an issue with your Android device, simply fill in the short questionnaire in this link and we will try to publish our answers in the next posts. With your phone turned off, press and hold both the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. Choose message tone. Effects-wise, the two methods don’t have any difference at all. WhatsApp has its own backup feature that ensures that a backup of the application is created often. This is a major issue and one that’s a deal breaker for many. Part 2: Restore WhatsApp Backup To Huawei P30 Lite/P30/P30 Pro Method 1: Via Local Backup. Ja, sogar ziemlich einfach. Turn off the mobile by pressing the Power key for a few moments. We suggest that you begin with the most recent ones you added. If you have not set your device and/or apps to auto-update, then you will need to manually install pending updates. This means that everything you added to the device like files, photos, videos, and apps will all be deleted. WhatsApp is one of the best social media app to share videos, pictures, documents, location, and also have voice/video chats with your friends. hello Je suis sur le mate 20 pro, je reçois toutes mes notification en popup quelque soit le jeu, par contre elles ne sont pas persistantes. To reset all network settings, follow these steps: Allow your device to finish resetting network settings and restore the default values. There are two methods to perform a factory reset on your Huawei P30. ©2021 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. HUAWEI WATCH GT 2. In most cases, Whatsapp troubles go away on their own or are fixed by an update. 111. share. Gonna move on from my P20 Pro to the P40 Pro soon. This shortcut is disabled by default so enable it by going to Camera app -> Settings -> Ultra snapshot and select the Open camera option. There may be a variety of reasons why Settings menu may become unreachable. There can be many different reasons why a user may want to factory reset a device. If Whatsapp started to behave erratically after installing a system update, there might be a problem with the system cache. To perform a Hard reset on Huawei P30 via Settings: Method 2: Hard reset on Huawei P30 via Recovery Mode. Genau dort lauert einer dieser Hürden. I want to backup all my Whatsapp chats/media and transfer them over. Here’s how it’s done: If Whatsapp has stopped error remains at this stage, your next move is to restart your device. To perform a Hard reset on Huawei P30 via Recovery Mode: If you are one of the users who encounters a problem with your device, let us know. Natürlich wollen wohl die meisten auf dem Mate 30 Pro WhatsApp nutzen. It can be done safely without losing any user-related content in the app. If you can, kindly include the exact error messages you are getting to give us an idea where to start. Finally choose “reboot system now” by using the Power key. Facebook Twitter Reddit WhatsApp Email Link. If you are one of the users who encounters a problem with your device, let us know. When it’s done resetting network settings, reboot your phone then reconnect to your Wi-Fi network. Unlike the previous procedure, this one might delete important information or data within the app. Huawei P30 Pro. Consejos y trucos Huawei P30 y Huawei P30 Pro Verhindern Sie, dass WhatsApp im Hintergrund beendet oder gelöscht wird, indem Sie folgende Schritte ausführen: Stellen Sie sicher, dass WhatsApp immer mit dem Netzwerk verbunden ist. Was mich verwirrt ist, dass ich WhatsApp nicht vom iPhone auf HUAWEI P40 Pro übertragen kann. If WhatsApp has stopped on your Huawei P30 and showing an error, you must take note of it. By default, your app should automatically download and install updates but you can also manually check for new updates using Google Play Store. While it offers plenty of customization options, it has numerous issues as well including the fact you won’t be receiving notifications from your installed apps.. Try to do a forced reboot by pressing and holding the Power key for 10 to 15 seconds. Let go of the buttons when the Honor logo appears. If prompted, read the warning message and then tap Network Settings Reset twice to confirm. Check All Phones. From time to time, apps may encounter bugs that can make them freeze or unresponsive. Select Network Settings Reset from the given options. WhatsApp has stopped fix #7: Refresh system cache. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. In case you do not feel the vibration and the screen is still blank, then simply press and hold the Power Key for more time until you see the device restart itself.

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