we have more services that may be of your interest. You should know by now I’m not going to give you the touristy and basic top 40 clubs in Munich, but instead, we will dance the night away at Munich’s best nightclubs for underground music and a unique scene. Dadurch entsteht immer ein einzigartiges Aroma. Mon-Sat: 3pm-10pm Sun: Closed Stop by the neighborhood of Neuhausen in Munich to experience this unique beer. I’ve found that as a local, or a traveler it is hard to know what is happening in Munich and when, due to the language barrier and difficulty finding events, but don’t worry I’ve selected some of the best annual events, so you can get your tickets and get ready to party. Bahnhofplatz 1, 25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian, 80335 München. Liqeurs: Can’t leave Germany without trying schnapps. We are a group of about 25 people aged 30-40 Year’s old. And again some bars' charme just lies in their imperfect yet unique furnishing ... Ein Service der Landeshauptstadt München und der Stadtwerke München GmbH. Address: Theresienstraße 19, 80333 München. Feldkirchner Str. Every Thursday you can participate in a beer pong tournament with the prospect of winning 50€; be careful though, as that is the only day they take an entrance fee if you arrive later than 9pm. If you’re looking for a great place to crash in central Munich, book a room at the 25Hours Hotel, The Royal Bavarian. TOP Bars auf: wer kennt den BESTEN Schellingstraße 22, 80799 München. „Mein Bruder Fabian ist 2013 zum Studieren nach New York gegangen. Für den Falstaff Bar- & Spiritsguide kann das ganze Jahr über abgestimmt werden! Besucher berichten, dass die Shisha Kohle regelmäßig gewechselt wird, ohne dass man dem Personal hinterherlaufen muss. This place was a running joke among my friends. What can I do today in Munich? Most nightclubs and bars open late. Open to 1 am on weekends Spirits: Germany is known for the Jäger, but they also have some great gins and whiskeys, made locally. Ben’s won ‘Best Cocktail’ at the Gastro-Challenge 2007, and came away with second place in the Upper Bavaria Gastronomy Prize in 2009. Restaurants & Bars in München has 1,213 members. This would be a great place to try The Duke Gin. The Augustiner Arnulfstraße 52, 80335 München, Germany has a HUGE outdoor beer garden and will be easy for a large group to go during the day and have lots of room. 20 different beers or original mix drinks at affordable prices, individual music mixed by a DJ, an unconventional design and a fun crowd are the perfect ingredients for the perfect night out. It all looks fantastic! We’re staying in Schwabing – excited to hit the town! A variety of shots ranging from toxic to radioactive and even flammable make it worth the time and money. If you’re craving fine French wine, despite being in Munich, you’ll want to head to Aquitaine. Open map. Eine Übersicht. We’re coming on a long weekend to Munich this summer. The local police number is 110 and medical is 112 . This next section is for you. Reichenbachstraße 21, 80469 München. Foto beigestellt. Standing for Mixed Munich Arts this space serves as a nightclub on Friday and Saturday and doubles as a venue for seasonal and artistic events that happen in Munich. I’m still getting my trip to Munich planned, but I’ll definitely be keeping this handy! Read about how sexual harassment changed for me since I moved to Germany. Don’t worry! A small modern bar with intriguing interior: a couple of bar tables at the entrance and an upper floor not many people see as it gets busy in the evening. These are the best areas in Munich for nightlife, and you’re sure to find something to your liking. Auroom in Munich is so popular that they have reserved seats for their loyal regular customer base, so don’t be offended if a bartender asks you to move from a specific place in the bar. Now, that is not to say that aren’t pockets and areas that are a bit sketchy or you should not take caution with your valuables. I am so happy you found this helpful and that I have more knowledge than all your friends combined haha. Tue-Sat: 8pm-3am Sun – closed Mon:8pm-1am Damit Sie direkt zu Beginn punkten können, haben wir Ihnen die besten Bars, Cafés, Restaurants und Ausflugsziele für das erste Date in München zusammengestellt. How fun does that sound? The beer in Munich requires a post of its own, but for the basics, there are 6 major breweries in Munich. die goldene bar münchen • die goldene bar münchen photos • die goldene bar münchen location • die goldene bar münchen address • ... "One of the beat cocktail bars is Munich. Would love personalized recs! Fotoprojekt: Münchens traurig-schöne Geisterbars Ein Fotoprojekt inszeniert die Bar-Szene als gute Geister der Gastfreundschaft. Looking for parties events in Pfaffenhofen a.d. Ilm? Cooler Effekt! Lernen Sie die besten Bars in München kennen. Great job I’ll definitely be vising these places and sharing this site. We love all food – are there any restaurants you recommend that come to mind? Mit Liebe zum Detail. There are lots of Kebap and falafel shops around, and this one isn’t the BEST, but it’s good and a great location. I’ve lived in Munich for a year and a half and this is better info about bars and clubs that I have gotten from all my new friends combined. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but you’ll find a good time waiting for you once inside. Sun-Wed: 6pm-1am Thur-Sat: 6pm-3am Wineschorle- is a wine typically mixed with mineral water, but you can also try juice or lemonade. Dann klicken Sie sich am besten durch unser vielfältiges Portfolio zu dem Thema "Bar mieten München". The website is all in German, but Google translate might help you, if not shoot them an email, they do speak English and have very friendly staff. Fun Fact: Cocktail was first defined in the United States in New York. Come here for cheap drinks and a strange experience you can only have in Munich. Die Abstimmung ist beendet. Fri-Sat: 11pm-8am Muri's Lounge in der Landshuter Allee 128 im Stadtteil Mosach (PLZ 80637) ist in. Located in the charming MVG museum, you can explore 100s of exhibits and drink from thousands of spirits, local and international. We have to get the boring stuff out of the way, but I promise it will help you have the best night out as possible. Also genau das Richtige für alle Fleischfans. Always exercise caution! Thanks again!! They use paper straws, so they get extra love from me! Again, I suggest trying to call ahead to a few places and see if you can reserve areas. Please stay healthy and be a responsible traveler. The staff will help you pair the perfect local wine with your meal. München ist keine bekannte Hochburg für Szeneviertel, dafür gibt es immer noch Berlin. Most of t, Walking into the holiday season like…. So, try and hang with the professionals and keep yourself in check. They have lots of gourmet burger options, including veggie burgers. Bavarian Moonshine will give you goosebumps! München nightlife guide featuring best local bars recommended by München locals. The interior is furnished with design elements like the trumpet lamps over the bar. I hope after this you get responsibly smashed! If you just came to Munich for the beer, you’ll love the Braukunst Live! Bewertungen, Adressen und Öffnungszeiten der besten Restaurants anzeigen Now, that is pretty cool! This guide takes you beyond  beer and will lead you to rooftop bars for creative craft cocktails, unique microbreweries for Bavaria’s craft beer, local distilleries and spirits, the best dive bars, annual events and into the depths of Munich’s nightclubs to end the night. If you “forget” to return the glass you essentially already paid for it. The Paulaner Kapuzinerpl. My stomping grounds and home turf, if you’re in the area maybe I’ll even come out and party with you. There might be what is called a Pfand attached to your total. This is a true testament to try things before hating on them. Die »Goldene Bar« in München macht mit ihrem Interieur ihrem Namen alle Ehre. This small locally owned distillery is just south of Munich in the sleepy Alpine town of Schliersee, but don’t let the location fool you, this is world class whiskey and can hold its own. Oktoberfest: If you’re an introvert, such as myself then don’t miss my Oktoberfest for Introvert’s guide. If not, I trust I taught you well enough to go out in the world and find your favorite watering hole. Corneliusstraße 14, 80469 München. You can get quality cocktails made, or you can go for the budget gin and tonic route, but they have something for everyone. How cool is that? I finally caved and decided to see what all the fuss was about and had a great night at Barschwein. Features a whole list of unique cocktails, served by waitstaff in lab coats. If you get them in a beer garden or Oktoberfest they can get up to 10 Euro with a Pfand. – pay please. If that's not convincing enough then there is the friendly and helpful staff, cool interior design and Californian wine. It’s near the university and is a popular student hang out, which means cheap, strong drinks and good vibes. Auf Münchens Dachterrassen lässt sich der Sommer wunderbar genießen, beim Treffen mit Freunden samt Drinks und Snacks. Get menu, photos and location information for Bar Niederlassung in München, BY. It started in the very neighborhood I live in. Thanks so much for your help. Wer das denkt, hat sich getäuscht, denn was Manhattan kann, das kann München schon lange. Aber es gibt sie auch hier: Besondere Orte, an denen München irgendwie anders ist. Munich bars are usually pretty smaller and will be hard for a large group to just walk in. It’s a small watering hole with some funky- bordering on trashy decor, but their cocktails are good, and they know what they’re doing. Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm Café Kosmos It’s open early, and they make food, so you can always stop by to cure your hangover the next day. They’re a bit pretentious about their beer, and they have every right to be. Look for the Pfand sign near where you ordered your beverage to return your glass. Along with drinks they serve some flight fare, and everything comes with free popcorn(. Located in the former bones of a cozy old Munich house, the atmosphere of Barroom in Munich is one of the best parts of this cocktail bar. Read about places like Zwickl, Bodega Enlatado, Makassar. Eine Übersicht. Going to wine bars in Munich can make or break your wine experience. This place feels like it belongs in the Melbourne cocktail scene. Ok, I’ll cave and give you a few pointers if you’re looking for something more top 40 mainstream. If you want to splurge and indulge in some decadency, this is the place for you. My tastes are a bit more alternative and unique, so most of my guides skip over the touristy bro bars and the major breweries, so if that’s what you’re looking for you might be disappointed. Lucky for us this something different eventually revolutionized German beer. I find the same, it seems even people who have been here a while have pretty lame suggestions. Bedste restauranter i München, Tyskland: Se Tripadvisor-rejsendes anmeldelser af restauranter i München, og søg på køkken, pris, sted og meget mere. Die Bar, die in der Mitte des Raumes steht, ist so groß, dass zum Sitzen nicht mehr viel Platz bleibt. Beer: Duh, right? Wir treffen uns im Englischen Garten am Monopteros. Das Food-Bar-Club-Konzept auf der Leopoldstraße vereint alles, was Schwabing selbst zur Legende werden ließ: lebendige Widersprüche, charmante Patina, wohlige Wohnzimmer-Atmosphäre und unvergesslich ausgelassene Momente. Bars und Kneipen in München. Hey, one of the best things you can do is rent a room at a beer garden. With brick walls, this almost feels like a traditional wine cellar. Create They have a great selection of wines and professional staff. Most bars or restaurants will be selling one of these six types of beers, so if you have a favorite just look for the sign at the door. Die Zwei - Bar Restaurant Biergarten. While Munich can’t rival Berlin, I will say the great thing about Munich; everyone is welcome – looking at you Berghain. Munich is a pretty laid back city, but it is a wealthy and clean city. Enter your email address and we'll email you a link that you can use to log in. Always carry cash on you to make paying easier and less confusing. Don’t expect your police to speak English as often times their English is limited or non-existent, but they will know how to find someone to help translate if they can’t. There are many bars around but this place offers the best of both worlds: really good drinks you would expect from a bar and loud party music and a small dance floor you would normally find only in clubs. Drink Mixing: It is common to cut your beer, juice or wine with something, such as lemonade, water, or a cola-like drink. How can you trust a bar with the name Dive Bar? You’ll find these bad boys all over Munich, but if you’re partying in the Schwabing area, there’s one near you. Now, this doesn’t mean get hammered, puke all over your travel buddies and go balls to the wall, this means drinking enough to have a great time, but usually doing so responsibly. I know most moonshines already do that, but this is woo… haha. The view on a sunny day is stunning and the cocktails not just very tasty but also very unique. Have fun hitting the town! Whether you’re a tourist passing through looking for a good time or a Munich local wondering where all the best nightlife spots and events are, I got you covered. If you find yourself in Niedernberg, make sure to stop by their brewery, if not keep a look out for their beers in Munich. End of June – Begining of July They focus on rum cocktails and feature your favorite rums from S. America to Oceania. Damit ist die Bar zwar eine der kleinsten, aber auch eine der besten Bars in Frankfurt.Inspiriert von der japanischen Mikro-Barszene wird hier das Motto “klein aber fein” mit ausgefallenen Cocktail-Kreationen auf höchstem Niveau zelebriert. Not only can you spot these tasty liquors on the shelves, but you can stop by their bar, the Distillers Bar and try cocktails made with their own spirits. Register company: Sign up for a free entry in the city-map company list! If you catch it, it will take you to all the hard to reach places. Inspired by traditional moonshine in the United States, featuring Apple Pie moonshine, they put a Bavarian twist on this classic. Eine abwechslungsreiche Wochenkarte ergänzt das umfangreiche Tapas-Angebot und unser mediterranes Speisenangebot an … My favorite thing about HK, is every April they only house all female DJs and turn into Marry Klein. It is a large and spacious location with the traditional dark wood and leather of an American craft bar. bars - München. Across the river, in Haidhausen you’ll find all your classic American cocktail style bars. Besonders sind in der Contemporary Bar auch die großen Rundbogenfenstern, die dank einer schaltbaren Folie je nach Bedarf mal milchig, mal klarsichtig tiefere Ein- und Ausblicke verwehren oder ermöglichen. Additionally, you have to turn your phone in, and they put stickers on your camera, and phones are only allowed in a certain area. I’m here tonight and tomorrow! These are the best places for budget-friendly bars & clubs in Munich: Augustinerkeller; Hirschgarten; Stadion an der Schleissheimerstrasse; Shakespeare; Kennedys Bar & Restaurant, Munich; See more budget-friendly bars & clubs in Munich on Tripadvisor $ Read about how sexual harassment changed for me since I moved to Germany. Sternstraße 20. Bezug auf den Service eine der besten Shisha Bars in München. I’ll try and keep you updated on if it stays open or closes. We’d like to go to a late bar after the beer houses and then maybe a night club on one of the nights. Cocktail Bars in town München. Try “The Duke” gin, “SLYRS Whiskey”, and “Monaco” vodka. Die besondere Tapas-Bar in München. Richelstraße 26, 80634 München. It’s pretty reasonable, as you get a few tickets upon entry and can use them for various tastings. But there are also some great microbreweries and alternatives to the big 6 popping up in Munich, such as Giesinger, that we will go over later. Bar Gabanyi is dimly lit and moody with a piano in the corner with occasional live music to accompany cocktails. (Ready? As a self-proclaimed cocktail connoisseur and nightclub expert, who has lived in Munich for two years, I’ll be your insider guide. If you want to eat at a certain time a reservation is encouraged. I enjoy Johnnie’s Tea or the Poison Monkey for when I am feeling crazy. Continue. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I like to think if this place as a stepping stone from a bar to a cocktail bar.

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