According to §7 of the Corona Ordinance of the State of Baden-Württemberg, typical symptoms include: Fever, dry cough, olfactory disorders, and taste disorders. All meetings lasting longer than 15 minutes with persons with whom there is no daily contact must be documented. Outside office hours, PSE is of course available by email and, if necessary, by phone outside the above-mentioned hours if pre-arranged  by email. §22 LGebG: You start your studies and cannot enter Germany due to the Corona crisis, as a result of which you cannot participate in examinations and on-campus courses (e.g. This must be documented by the examiner or supervising person and the responsible examination committee must be informed accordingly. Please ask at the International Students Office for the appropriate application form. When using FFP2 masks, make sure that they have no valve. University awards McIntosh Scholarship to Stivers senior. Centrally administrated lecture halls and rooms will be equipped with signs of the distancing, hygiene, and mask rules (in German: AHA-Regeln), regulations on the prohibition of access and participation according to Article 7, Corona VO, and accessories for cleaning the tables and chairs. 4 and Articles 10 and 6 CoronaVO). The casino will be closed from December 24 up to and including January 6. The minimum distancing rules decided by the Executive Board and based on the Baden-Württemberg Corona Ordinance shall continue to apply without restriction. In buildings used by a large number of people, such as the Library or Audimax, cleaning staff controls the rooms and the amounts of soap and paper tissues several times per day. No medical certificate is required. Please use the rooms provided for this purpose. NO group formation rules in academic education. Children are entitled to emergency care if both legal guardians or the single parent are considered indispensable by their employer. At KIT, the previous regulations will be continued until then. What should I do if I suspect corona symptoms or have a positive test result? Exclusion from the examination will not be deemed to be an unexcused absence or withdrawal without giving any good reasons. Please resort to telephone or video conferences (e.g. What has to be considered for the examinations in the summer semester 2020? How can I currently conduct job interviews? pro rata mobile work or presence work) shall continue to be released within the scope of their individual target working time. In addition, the wearing of a mouth-nose covering (MNB) is strongly recommended for the protection of the participants. 5) Illness of your child: If your child falls ill, you will be granted ten days of paid leave for childcare according to § 45 para. For example, the use of Zoom at KIT is based on a contract data processing agreement that has been adapted to the KIT requirements. Students who have questions about studying with children are welcome to contact the Zentrum für Information und Beratung: (in German only). Search this site: Social Share. In order to be able to answer as many of your telephone inquiries as possible, but also to be able to cope with all other tasks and problems at the same time, PSE now offers  telephone consultation only. a permanent class-type group (group formation principle) of up to 35 persons. Compensation payments will be made to your payroll account. (see "Employees" - "Travel / External Visits") and at The KIT intends to use these possibilities especially for courses specifically aimed at first-year students in order to make it easier for them to start their studies, where getting to know the campus and social exchange among each other are particularly important. For this application it is necessary to provide the name and location of the closed care facility. In line with the contact restrictions desired by federal and state politicians, the KIT Executive Board has currently decided to completely suspend attendance events (practical events, written exams, etc.) Smear infections or infections via the conjunctiva are theoretically possible, but very unlikely. Thus, the KIT has followed the recommendation of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs. The Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs has decided that students who are unable to achieve their credits due to the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting limited range of courses will not, in principle, suffer any disadvantages if exceeding the prescribed period of study. As in case of influenza and other respiratory diseases, observation of coughing and sneezing rules, good hand hygiene, and social distancing also protect you against transmission of the novel Corona virus. If you have organizational questions, please do not hesitate to contact your lecturers and the deans’ offices. Please keep to the distance rule of 1.5 meters in the bistro and on the terrace. 3) How can I continue to stay at home for childcare purposes (without extending work from home)? The exemptions applicable in Baden-Württemberg are listed in § 2 of the Corona Ordinance "Entry Quarantine" (Corona-Verordnung „Einreise-Quarantäne“, in German only). : CN 22069, CS 44313, outside of normal office hours MED-ambulance: 22070) to seek confidential advice and obtain recommendations for further action in accordance with the privacy standards. According to Article 3, LHGebG (Baden-Württemberg Act on State University Fees), international students (from third countries/non-EU countries) attending bachelor’s, teacher’s, and consecutive master’s programs as well as free movers will have to pay tuition fees in the amount of EUR 1,500 per semester as from the 2017/2018 winter semester. For details, please refer to:, Payment information for persons returning from risk areas. Is it possible to enter Germany from third countries? In principle, priority is given to courses of study. Please read more at our FAQ "What should be considered when returning or entering from foreign risk areas?" On the following websites, you will find information on when and how to wash hands as well as on reasonable prevention methods, such as cough and sneeze etiquette: All students whose state examination is due in the period of spring 2020 have to register bindingly at Landeslehrerprüfungsamt (LLPA) Karlsruhe by May 6, 2020, 4 p.m. Information on the use of MS Teams: I have relatives in need of care. In addition, employees and partners having a KIT account can use the web form of the ticket system in the Intranet. Weltweit nehmen Probleme der Raumnutzung, Schäden nach extremen Naturereignissen und Konflikte zwischen unterschiedlichen Raumnutzern zu. Lecturers will find further information on the corresponding pages of SLE: (As of May 22, 2020). Discuss possible alternatives such as postponing the business trip or video conferencing formats with your supervisor(s). After the examination, students must leave the building separately and go away quickly. 2, No. Information is also available on the following webpage:, The KIT Health Network provides ergonomic tips and assistance for healthy working (not only) at home: For on-campus courses, lectures, exercises, seminars, and tutorials to take place in compliance with infection protection regulations, several working groups of KIT have made the necessary arrangements. Data collection: What must be observed according to data protection legislation? You will be informed that the risk encounter check has not detected any encounters with corona-positive persons or that the defined threshold value has not been exceeded during any of your encounters. August 2020 verlängert. In order to fulfil the information obligations under data protection law (Articles 12 ff DS-GVO), we request you to observe the data protection declaration. Graduating classes will have distance learning until Dec. 22, 2020. More information on data collection can be found at: (in German only). Due to the dynamic development in connection with the coronavirus, LBV has been closed for visitors since Wednesday, March 18, 2020, until further notice. If I have a medical certificate exempting me from wearing a face mask. The deadline regulations do not provide for an individual extension for individual students. If necessary, a one-off extension for up to another seven days can be obtained by telephone. Droplet infection appears to be the main transmission route. The purpose of such mask is to hold back droplets that escape from the oropharynx-bronchial area of the person wearing it when speaking, coughing, or sneezing. May Courses Take Place on the Campus again? Depending on the conditions at your workplace, additional protective measures may be required. 3 of the Working Hours and Vacation Ordinance – Arbeitszeit- und Urlaubsverordnung - AzUVO) are to be used as a rule, if telework or mobile work are not possible. In the case of face-to-face on-campus events, the obligation to document participants’ data must be observed., Depending on the expected number of examinees, KVV will try to increase the frequency of the buses. The days already taken will be credited against this. personal danger, accidents) please write an e-mail to .Don’t forget to mention your contact details. To receive compensation, the order for quarantine must be submitted to PSE Zeitwirtschaft. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) answers the most important questions relating to the current situation at: Information from the Federal Ministry of Health: Information on prevention measures, such as cough and sneeze etiquette and a good hand hygiene, is given by the authorities on the following websites, for instance: The Medical Services of KIT also provide information: Please reduce your contacts to as few persons as possible. Students are free to contact their lecturers, the deans’ offices, or the staff of the Students Office. until directly before the examination. In order to enable flexible work, the core time regulation will be suspended until Marc 31, 2021 inclusive for the employees concerned. For this reason, access is no longer needed by persons from outside of the respective institutes and the public and is restricted to staff members. 1 No. Access is prohibited also for persons who do not wear a mouth and nose cover. Neben den regulären Wahlen für das kommende akademische Jahr 2020/21 mussten wir auch einige Wahlwiederholungen durchführen, da es bei den letzten Wahlen organisatorische Fehler gab. 2 SGB V (German Social Security Code V) upon presentation of a corresponding certificate via the statutory health insurance companies. Especially in high-use lavatories, however, it may happen that soap and tissues are used up or that some users do not leave the lavatories in a way we would want them to do. The Technical Regulations for Workplaces ASR A 3.6 recommend pulse ventilation of meeting rooms every 20 minutes for over 3 minutes to allow maximum air exchange through wide-open windows. The above shall be implemented centrally; there is no need to submit applications. Please note the following information for participation in examinations: Please read the declaration enclosed (Annex 3, Declaration on the Absence of a Suspected Corona Virus Infection), sign it on the date of the examination or shortly before it to confirm your current state of health for the examination. Please note that civil servants who have to organize or provide for nursing of a close relative  within the meaning of section 7 (3) of the Pflegezeitgesetz must be granted special leave with continued payment of their salaries for up to nine working days for each relative in need of care. This prohibition of access and the resulting requirements must be clarified  in such a way that persons entering the KIT premises or participating in KIT events implicitly declare that they do not fall within the group of persons whose access is prohibited. Planning of the courses is still under way and will only be completed largely in the course of the month of September. Due to the corona crisis, KIT has made its own regulations to ensure within the legal framework applicable in Baden-Württemberg that students will suffer as few disadvantages as possible through the summer semester 2020. Whom can students turn to for psychotherapeutic help? What is the state of affairs for the winter semester 2020/21 with regard to classroom teaching? Vice versa, your KIT contact person will inform you if any of the persons you have been working with  at KIT have tested positive (this will be done in line with the Health Office’s procedure of contact person tracking  in the case of a proven corona infection). Please kindly understand that PSE must take these measures to be able to work and to process your inquiries effectively during this special situation. The quarantine can be terminated prematurely after five days, provided that a negative test result has been obtained. desk, keyboard, computer mouse) are thoroughly cleaned by trained cleaning staff before further use. You can find out about the appropriate public health office at When and how can I make up for my cancelled state examination? and international students who already passed a bachelor’s AND master’s program in Germany, or a diploma program in Germany, are exempt from the payment of tuition fees. It cannot be ruled out that local authorities will take quarantine measures at the destination upon entry or during the further stay. persons tested positive by PCR test, who did not have symptoms at any time. :, Not only for companies, the "First Aid Kit for Successful Distributed Working" of KIT‘s Institute for Information Systems and Marketing provides numerous practical tips and recommendations concerning, for example, communication rules, home office mission statement, the proper attitude or the right team spirit: Schools and daycare centers are closed in Baden-Württemberg. Please note: KIT cannot provide external companies with personal protective equipment. Upon expiry of these deadlines, the diploma courses of study have finally expired and there is no possibility of taking further examinations. Due to the increasing number of infections and the urgent appeals from the German federal and state governments to comply with the distancing rules, the KIT refrains from implementing the group formation rules in academic education. As we do not yet have any further information to provide you with, please contact your supervisor, who can confirm that you are indispensable for your employer. Public access to the campuses is very limited. working groups, workshops, trainees and their supervisors, directors of institutes and their assistants, etc.). 1) Working from home for child care purposes. - Instead of receiving their collectively agreed payment, persons returning from risk areas that were not yet classified as risk areas at the beginning of their journey are entitled to a compensation according to § 56 (1) of the German Infection Protection Act (Infektionsschutzgesetz – IfSG) (during quarantine in the amount of the net loss of payment), which is paid by KIT. According to the "Guidelines on the Course of Business at KIT in Times  of the SARS-CoV-2 (Corona Virus) Pandemic", it is possible to conduct personal interviews face to face, observing the the infection protection measures and the current hygiene rules: Minimum distance 1.5 meters, cough and sneeze etiquette, regular thorough hand washing, well-ventilated and sufficiently large rooms. These DAAD and HRK forms can be used by the KIT institutes. In order to protect the health of all persons involved, please make sure that the recommendations by Robert Koch Institute and the health authorities as well as the Corona Regulations of the state of Baden-Württemberg are observed: Employees of external companies must not suffer from fever, cough, cold, or sore throat when working in KIT facilities. In case of a justified reason, KIT members are free to call the company physicians, the general practitioner, or the health authority for personal telephone consultation. This will also apply to written examinations in the 2020 summer semester, which will take place during the semester break from July 27 to October 31, 2020. Basically, the Corona Ordinance sets an upper limit of 100 persons. Prior to the collection of the data, the persons concerned must be fully informed about this data processing (data protection information obligations, Article 12 ff. If, in exceptional cases, it is not possible to make a digital entry declaration, a replacement declaration must be filled out on paper. It is expected that all students will be informed by their examiners about their examination dates in the 2020 summer semester by the end of calendar week 28 (July 6-12, 2020). Join us as we create new knowledge, find new answers, help thousands of students define their future and change the world, all while engaging the communities we serve and lead. Studierende gegen Leih-E-Scooter // KIT-Studierendenparlament tagte und lehnt Leih-E-Scooter ab . The deadlines for taking the last study and examination credits of the expiring diploma courses are regulated in the transitional regulations for Bachelor's and Master's courses. In the view of the state government, one generally speaks of unauthorized absence from work under § 68 (1) of the Federal Law on Public Servants (Landesbeamtengesetz - LBG) if civil servants who have to stay in quarantine after returning from vacation in a risk area do not safeguard their ability to work. The corona pandemic requires to observe the distance and hygiene rules during all meetings. All lending periods have been adapted in such a way that books or other media lent do not have to be returned before January 10, 2021. Eure KIT-Card könnt Ihr in der Mensa Am Adenauerring im Mensafoyer sowohl mit Bargeld als auch mit EC/Kreditkarte aufladen. that can be used by all members of an institute or by several working groups - usually irregularly), daily participant lists with  attendance times must be kept, provided that the individual persons have stayed/will stay in the respective room for more than 15 minutes. For written examinations in the summer semester 2020, which will take place in the semester break from July 27 to October 31, 2020, it still will be impossible to use the usual venues. Further measures are not necessary as long as no typical symptoms of corona virus infection occur. Persons classified in category II are only informed about the general distancing rules and hygiene recommendations. They need to be paid each semester by every student. The Corona Ordinance as of July 1, 2020 contains some alterations  with regard to the number of persons allowed to attend courses: Until July 31, 2020, events with up to 100 persons are possible under compliance with the measures for infection protection and the collection of participants’ data. in public transport, shops, or restaurants, etc. If the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs issues any detailed regulations with changes at short notice, we will include them in the FAQ. Who can advise me on technical, organizational, health and psychological matters? For this reason, the Legal Notes of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Finance on Civil Servants’ Dealing with the Corona Virus (Rechtliche Hinweise des Innenministeriums und des Finanzministeriums zum Umgang mit dem Corona-Virus für Beamtinnen und Beamte, in German only, as of May 27, 2020) expressly state that civil servants must clarify before the start of their journey how their ability to work after returning home can be ensured. The Corona-Warn-App of the Federal Government is an important helper to trace and interrupt infection chains. Even if courses of study have priority in the allocation of rooms, students and teaching staff must continue to be prepared for largely digital studies due to infection protection measures (in particular compliance with the minimum distance) and the resulting limited availability of rooms. Droplets emitted when speaking, coughing, or sneezing, can evaporate very quickly, especially in dry and warm ambient air. Then scan and email the weekly total of your working hours to the time management staff at PSE-Zeitwirtschaft, stating your personnel number. Die Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona ist als staatliche Universität eine kostengünstige und zugleich qualitativ gute Wahl für internationale Studierende. Offices should be ventilated every 60 minutes. Lectures will end on February 20, 2021, and over the Christmas holidays and New Year, lectures will be free from December 24, 2020, to January 6, 2021. Gem. I would like to use the prior master's transfer account. If you as the responsible person collect contact data, this data protection declaration must be made available to the participants in a suitable form. In the case of symptoms, you are requested to obtain from your family doctor a certificate stating your inability to work. The following examples are to illustrate when a list of participants is usually necessary and under which circumstances it is possible to do without one. Local TV. The data must be kept for four weeks after collection and then be deleted in accordance with data protection regulations. Under what circumstances can emergency care be requested? This will cause considerable delay. In most cases, working from home will allow for this to be ensured. Since November 8, a digital entry registration is also required if you have been in a risk area up to 10 days before entering. 4) If, after having exhausted these possibilities further days off are required for childcare, a short-term leave of absence from work with a waiver of payment can be granted, § 29, subsection 3, sentence 2 TVöD, or special leave can be taken according to § 28 TVöD. At workplaces or in laboratories and rooms that are used jointly (e.g.

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